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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences


Since its inception in 1977, the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) program has been transforming lives, professions, families, and communities. The BAAS is an applied Baccalaureate degree, meaning it recognizes different ways of learning and values the practical knowledge gained outside of college. Using innovative course delivery and prior learning assessment, the 120-hour degree offers an expedited path to graduation while equipping adult learners for career and life advancement.

Are you…

  • an accomplished adult needing to complete your degree so you can advance in your career field?
  • a former college student who wants to finish what you started but do not want to start over?
  • a member of the military interested in converting your military training into college credit?
  • a skilled person who wants to earn credentials for what you already know?
  • an adult learner looking for a degree that works with the demands of adulthood?
  • a mature adult who has worked in fields involving higher-level, complex interactions and operations?
  • a leader of volunteer service work who has gained college-level skills and knowledge through the process?
  • a qualified technician who has acquired certification/credit from industry/public service training programs?
  • a recipient of an associate’s degree who is ready to earn a bachelor’s degree?

Then the BAAS program is a great fit for you. In fact, you could say it’s a custom-fit!

Keeping the needs of accomplished adult learners in mind, this non-traditional degree program accepts several forms of credit and even provides a mechanism to convert occupational knowledge into college credit - we call this Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). With PLA, learning from corporate training programs, or simply on-the-job experience, is eligible for assessment and can result in 6 to 24 semester credit hours (SCH). Half of the PLA hours are classified as lower division electives and the other half as upper division electives, both of which help you reach the total 120 SCH required for the BAAS degree. This is a plan, unlike more traditional degrees, that welcomes and accepts military coursework, associate degrees from community colleges and technical institutes, and virtually all college credit - no matter the age. The bottom line is we value your unique origin of experience and occupational/technical skills, and we have designed a program that will enable you to convert your work-life learning into a degree that will serve you.


Why This Program?

Learn alongside people just like you. If you are thinking about returning to school full or part time while maintaining adult responsibilities such as employment or family, you may be on the verge of becoming a nontraditional student, and you’re certainly not alone. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that 73% of all undergraduates are nontraditional in some respect. Some characteristics of non-traditional students include:

  • Delayed enrollment in post-secondary education
  • Attend college part-time
  • Are financially independent of their parents
  • Work full-time while enrolled in school
  • Have dependents other than a spouse
  • Are a single parent

Maximize learning in areas that interest you while minimizing cost and time. Each student who enters the BAAS program receives a customized degree plan suited to his/her career interests. Also, because the program recognizes prior learning, the number of classes required to obtain a degree are significantly reduced, resulting in less time and money spent on earning your degree.

Increase your career advancement prospects. In fact, non-traditional programs like the BAAS have catapulted people into high ranking, influential positions in their career fields. Watch this video for some examples.

Escalate your ability to make a significantly higher salary. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people who have a bachelor’s degree earn 50% more than the annual salary of someone with just a high school diploma.

Work with a faculty that understands your needs. BAAS faculty are skilled adult educators, and some are nationally recognized as experts in their respective areas of interest. We realize and appreciate the learning you bring to the classroom.

Build a flexible learning plan. Adult learners juggle multiple life and work responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to advance their education. They simply have to have a plan that works with their life, not against it. With that in mind, the BAAS courses are offered at flexible times in the evenings or on weekends, and many are conducted online.

Earn college credit for what you already know. By completing a portfolio that documents your prior technical and/or experiential learning, you can earn up to 24 SCH; that’s 8 classes worth of credit!

Enjoy personal achievement. Earning your bachelor’s degree brings a sense of fulfillment accomplished by few other endeavors.

Personal achievement, recognition of what you already know, flexible scheduling, accommodating faculty, increased salary potential, and career advancement - all in a customized plan that saves you time and money. In the business world, this kind of opportunity is called a win-win!

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