Each of our Counseling faculty have over 10 years of teaching experience; combined they have over 100 years of classroom teaching experience. Their research areas include: emotional intelligence, domestic violence, grief, substance abuse, correctional counseling, intergroup relations, and others. Our faculty is committed to providing students with a quality education based upon academic rigor and integrity. Our program supports students' academic development, skill acquisition and personal growth. This program does an excellent job of preparing students to enter the field of professional counseling with the necessary skills to make an immediate impact. The master of science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is 60 credit hours including 9 credit hours of field experiences. The required courses of the Clinical Mental Health program meet current eligibility requirements of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors. Students completing this program of study satisfy the academic requirements to sit for the state licensing exam.  The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is nationally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The master of science in School Counseling consists of 39 credit hours including 3 credit hours of practicum experience in the school setting. Students who earn the School Counseling Certificate and have completed two years of public school teaching and passed the TExES examination are eligible to apply for certification as an All-Level Counselor in the State of Texas. This degree also meets the educational requirements for other counseling positions such as student personnel or career counselor positions at a number of two and four year colleges or universities. Upon successful completion of the master's degree program, two years of classroom teaching experience and successful passing of the TExES examination, students can apply through the University to the State Board for Educator Certification, for counselor certification. The School Counseling program is approved by the Texas Education Association (TEA). Our graduates are well-equipped in the areas of ethical practice, counselor identity and counseling skills. All of our students are prepared across the 8 core CACREP areas as well as all of the individual standards within either school counseling or clinical mental health counseling. Our program has developed and maintained a number of excellent practicum and internship sites that support the development of our students.